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A Shadow's Breath: fanart!

After reading A Shadow’s Breath, I immediately knew I wanted to create art around it. It took a few attempts, but I finally created a piece I am happy with.

The white hand represents Tessa. She was in a dark situation, one she might not have survived, hence she is trapped in the black and it is trying to take her.

The black hand is Nick. He has already been taken away by the darkness, but instead of leaving and going to his heaven, he reaches back into the darkness to help Tessa get out of it.

I was originally going to draw Tessa on a cliff with a black silhouette (Nick) behind her with his hand on her shoulder, but I decided to go for a more symbolic piece and ended up here.

My interpretation is not exactly yours, so comment down below what it represents to you, and maybe even make your own fanart.

If you want to check out a couple more pieces that I’ve done in the past, check out my instagram.



Haven't gotten round to reading that yet but this does look reeaaallly good, just stunning. I like your symbolic interpretation of it as well, seems to fit really well with your explanation of the story.

12th Jun, 18

thanks, I promise that you'll enjoy it XD

14th Jun, 18