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A Thousand Perfect Notes Shadow Judge Review

Hey everyone!

Isabella here!

The Inky Gold and Silver Awards shortlists came out a few days ago and I’m so excited! I’ve decided to do a review for one of the shortlisted titles, A Thousand Perfect Notes.

I hope you all enjoy my review!


A Thousand Perfect Notes by C.G Drews was probably the hardest novel I have ever had to read.

Watching the pain and agony of being forced to play a piano until Beck’s fingers bled, I felt as if my own hands were bleeding.

It was the most excruciating, painful and tragically beautiful book I have ever read.

The horror and trauma I felt ever turn of the page was unsettling and the fear of the inevitable tragedies to come made my heart pound and my eyes well up, until I couldn’t even read the words that were on the page.

This novel is a cry for help to anyone feeling like their life is no longer their own.

Throughout the whole novel my mind was spinning and reeling, following the timing of the music playing every turn of the page.

But the book was not just creatively written and magnificently contextualised;

The front cover took my breath away.

The majestic butterfly and its outstretched wings perfectly portrayed both captivity and freedom, light and dark, passion and friendship.

Beautifully written and emotionally captivating, A Thousand Perfect Notes writes a symphony from love and broken dreams, choices and hurting hearts.



inky State Library Victoria

Brilliant review Isabella! You've really conveyed the heart of the book.

22nd Jul, 19

Thank you! It was such an incredible book and it was because of this that it was so hard to read it without becoming emotional! An absolutely beautiful book.

23rd Jul, 19