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Book Review: Take the Shot

Inky Judge and self professed sports nut, Fred, got his hands on this new LoveOzYa release Take the Shot  by debut author Susan White

Seems like he was the perfect person to review this book about sport, family and coming to terms with setbacks.


Bug has a secret. Actually, he has a lot of secrets …

NUMBER ONE: he’s formed a basketball team at his new school based on a giant lie.
NUMBER TWO: his parents don’t know he’s playing basketball again.
NUMBER THREE: his new team-mates have no idea he isn’t allowed to play, and they definitely don’t know why.

Bug will do ANYTHING to keep his secrets, keep his new team and keep his life from falling apart. Because no one can know THE BIGGEST SECRET OF ALL … Bug risks his life every time he steps out onto the basketball court.


Take the Shot is an incredibly heart-warming book about a boy (most commonly called Bug) who has a rare syndrome called Marfan. Bug is an all-out basketball fan and a prominent basketballer aided by his incredible height. Bug’s world comes crashing down when he is diagnosed Marfan, a syndrome that can be easy to live with, but the catch is that Bug will have to watch his favourite sport from the sidelines or risk his Aorta bursting –  which would kill him. 

Take the Shot is an amazing book about people doing what they love no matter what. It also possess an important message: parents know best even if you don’t (though don’t always listen to them unless it’s about your health).Take the Shot should be on everyone’s must read list.   

So there you go! A great recommendation from sporty Inky Judge Fred.





Great review, Fred!

26th Sep, 19

Ooh this sounds interesting! Great review!!

3rd Oct, 19