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Elementals: Ice Wolves

Isabella C – Shadow Judge Book Review


Elementals: Ice Wolves was unlike any fantasy I’d ever read before. Not only was the content intriguing and meaningful, it was full of purpose, and the authors messages and words were easy to understand.

Every chapter, every word, served a purpose in the end and the book’s lead up was quite enjoyable. There were many loveable characters and the power of storytelling, family and ancestry above all else, and the truth were radiating from this novel.

It was quite an easy read, but I could not put it down. Definitely a novel for those who enjoy Harry Potter and Nevermoor, as well as those with a fascination with dragons and shape shifting.

The Author author has told a compelling and rich story that definitely stands out with its intricate plot line and its impacting words.


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I totally agree! An easy yet intricate story.

20th May, 19