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I am out with lanterns | A Review

Hey guys, I’m back with another review!

(This one’s going to be a bit short, sorry!)

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Under 15 words:

Six unique characters come together to tell a story of friendship, family, love and strength.

Quick thoughts:

  • At the start, it was hard to follow the different characters and to keep in track ‘who was who’. However, as the story progressed, each perspective added an extra flavour to the pot and they were all brought out clearly. I loved the different views; it gave a better insight into each character, with their lives all intertwined together. (I sometimes wanted to read one character’s perspective more than another, but they were balanced out pretty evenly!)
  • The ending, I felt, was a bit odd and sudden (even though it says six months later). Probably just me though! XD
  • One of the themes that were explored was bullying. I think that Gale wrote this book beautifully and explored this, unfortunately, common occurrence delicately but also in a non-stereotypical manner.
  • Lots of diversity! The relationships between the characters developed well. However, it felt that sometimes the interactions between the characters were… convenient. Nevertheless, I loved how this novel was set in Melbourne!

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