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Presented by State Library Victoria

I am out with lanterns by Emily Gale.

AdieĀ  has just returned to Melbourne after nine years away. She doesn’t know anyone, and the only friend she can remember was an imaginary friend, Lettie…

Wren’s brother died 18 months ago. Now all she draws is his face. Under pressure from her family and others, she finally draws someone else. The next day, the same face walks into her class…

Juliette has no really close friends, and hasn’t had one for a while. Then, her old best friend, Adie, walks into class, but doesn’t remember her…

Milo is always teased and bullied, but he doesn’t tell anyone except his best friend Wren. He doesn’t tell his family because the worst of the bullies is Ben, his father’s boss’ son and he doesn’t want to ruin his dad’s relationship with his boss.

Ben is popular, sporty and rich. He is good at pretty much everything, but his father still pushes him harder and harder.

I liked this book immensely and thought it explored the concept of bullying skilfully. I especially liked Milo’s stunt on the school software. If I didn’t like anything, it would be Juliette’s super memory, because I felt the story could have worked just as well or better without it.

My rating: 7.5/10.