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I Am Out With Lanterns

Isabella C – Shadow Judge 2019 Book Review:

This novel had me in tears. I was shaking after I completed this compelling and beautiful story of surviving school and the bullies, as well as staying true to yourself and following your own path.

First off, the character diversity was absolutely beautiful and the novel showcased all sorts of teenage personas and identities. The social and familial challenges that the characters faced and possessed were relatable to some and captured the hearts and minds of others.

The novel accentuated the beauty of being a teenager, as well as the drama, heartache, and struggles of fitting in and finding yourself that accompany these teen years.

Truth was a major theme in the novel, and there was bombshell after bombshell, revelation after revelation, that kept you stunned the whole way through.
The author truly has written a story that captivates and relates to everyone.
This book truly is a map that can be used by readers to find their own way and a guide to staying true to yourself.


inky State Library Victoria

Sounds *AMAZING*!

15th May, 19

It’s fantastic! The books are amazing so far!

16th May, 19

Sounds really interesting!!!

16th May, 19

It’s amazing! You HAVE to read it ❤️

16th May, 19