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I Was Born For This - Isabella Shadow Judge Book Review

I Was Born For This  left me an emotional mess.

Every word, every sentence was so powerful and compelling that it left me rereading and going back to lines repeatedly. I felt as if I couldn’t get enough of the book.

Alice Oseman has created a story that is relateable. The characters and plot lines could connect with any reader and the novel has done an excellent job in leaving you hungry for more long after you’ve read (and reread) the final page.

I shed many tears and felt my heart become stretched and strangled by the power this book emitted,

You know you’ve read a good story when it allows you to question everything you know and it allows you to connect better with yourself and the rest of the world.

Not only was the book inclusive of multiple groups and societies worldwide, but it was inclusive of many different types of personalities and situations people face everyday.

It’s a book that proves no one is alone and that everything can be healed with time, love, friendship and fandom.

The book’s main message was to not become caught up in the ideals portrayed by celebrities or the lives we see idols lead because most of the time they are normal people like us.

Beyond the surface, behind the facade, there is a person with struggles, ambitions, fears and necessities.

The need to love and be loved.

The desire to be free and happy.

So thank you, Alice, for creating one of the most heartwarming and beautifully written stories I have ever read.

I know my heart will never be the same again.