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Presented by State Library Victoria

Inky Judges at the Bendigo Writers Festival

Last Friday, Inky Judge Fred and Shadow Judge Imogen appeared at The Bendigo Writers Festival as part of the Text Marks the Spot Schools Program. In front of an audience of over 270 school students and teachers, Fred and Imogen joined author and book seller Susan Green, author of Verity Sparks series and author and poet and literary award judge Lorraine Marwood to discuss the age old question – Do You Judge a Book by The Cover?

The panel was chaired by the gracious and gregarious Sarah Mayor-Cox. Together they discussed just how it is we choose a book – to buy, to read and to win a prize? Sarah Mayor-Cox had thought long and hard about the things that influence us when it comes to judging books and asked the panel and audience a series of questions.

Do we judge a book by…

  • Fave author, illustrator,
  • topic of book is of interest?
  • Recommendations by friends/teachers/TL?
  • Media buzz about the book?
  • Movie/TV series of the book coming out?
  • Review by someone
  • It’s won a prize?

It seemed from audience response that we most definitely judge a book by author reputation. But that’s not all. We also care a lot about the book blurb, the prizes is may have won or been shortlisted for and yes – the cover!

Imogen and Fred also discussed what it has been like to be involved in the Inky Awards and the opportunities it has given them such as interviewing authors, receiving free books (!!) and appearing at festivals. They brilliantly represented us all from Inside a Dog and the Inky Awards with their confident and articulate performances. Hopefully some regional students in the audience will be inspired to apply to be judges next year!

So. Over to you! How do you judge a book?





Thank you for the opportunity Inky!

16th Aug, 19
inky State Library Victoria

Thanks for doing such a great job!

16th Aug, 19