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Meet the Judges: Jade

The Inky Award judges have 20 books to read in two months and the shadow judges had a month to read two books each… so I set them some extra work! I asked them to tell us a bit about themselves so we can get to know them a bit better. Curious about who is hard at work creating the Inky Awards shortlist? Learn more about them in our Meet the Judges series.

Today we meet shadow judge Jade

My favourite book when I was little:

My favorite book from when I was little is Whoever You Are by Mem Fox. It has beautiful illustrations done by Leslie Staub and the story is amazing. The book celebrates cultural diversity and even when I was little it taught me to respect everyone. (According to my Mum, I used to cry every time she read this book to me)

Most unusual place you might find me reading:

I read in a tree a lot. I don’t know why. I just do

A book I have read that I wish more people would read:

I wish more people would read the Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children series. Everyone has seen the movie but won’t read the book because the movie was scary. Some people will read the first book but wont finish the trilogy.  It is such a great series.

A book cover that I love and why:

I love the cover on George Orwell’s novel 1984. There are so many different versions, but all the covers are amazing. Some covers just have an eye with the title beneath it, some have security cameras. My copy of the book has a clock with 13 hours and the numbers one (in the ten), the nine, the eight and the four are highlighted to make up 1984. I love the simplicity of the covers because an eye and a camera gives some insight to the book without having to read a word.

My controversial opinion about books/reading:

The Percy Jackson movie is just as good as the book. People say that the movie misses a lot of information and I totally agree, but I still like the movie.