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Meet the Judges: Sylvia

The Inky Award judges have 20 books to read in two months and the shadow judges had a month to read two books each… so I set them some extra work! I asked them to tell us a bit about themselves so we can get to know them a bit better. Curious about who is hard at work creating the Inky Awards shortlist? Meet them in our Meet the Judges series.

Today we meet judge Sylvia (sylvs)

My favourite book when I was little:

I wasn’t such a big book nerd until I stumbled upon the Magic Kitten/Magic Puppy series by Sue Bentley when I was 8 years old. It was that book series that really got me into reading and it also helped me to get a new friend (through recommending it to someone).

Most unusual place you might find me reading:

I don’t really have an “unusual spot” where I read but I must say I have unusual times. When I can’t get to sleep I just read and stay up (unintentionally) past 1am. The latest I have been up reading was 5am. Luckily it was during the school holidays so I got to sleep in but I guess this shows that I can get really engrossed in a story.

A book I have read that I wish more people would read:

My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows. It is the type of book that would put you in a good mood and make you laugh your head off. It features a great cast of characters as well and even though it is based off of the historical story of Lady Jane Grey (The Queen that was Queen for nine days), it also features an epic fantasy twist! The sequel (My Plain Jane) is out now too which I am eager to buy!

A book cover that I love:

I would have to say that the most aesthetically pleasing book cover in my opinion is Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. I haven’t read the book yet but I keep finding myself just going over the pages and staring at the really pretty moth and blue starry background. I have read Taylor’s work before and I know that this cover just perfectly captures her writing and imagination!

My controversial opinion about books/reading:

I guess a controversial opinion I have about books is that I DESPISE the typical “girl” and “boy” stereotypes. I hate how the girls are portrayed as super skinny and with pretty features which can be seen in a lot of fantasy YA books nowadays as well as with guys and their muscles, mystery and “bad-boy attitude.” I get really annoyed seeing this cliche in a lot of books given that I love charismatic and witty characters like Thorne and Iko (The Lunar Chronicles). I don’t feel connected to the characters in fantasy novels because they don’t behave like the regular teenagers that they are meant to be portraying.

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oh my gosh, I can totally relate to your 'controversial opinion'. Most YA books are written by adults, and sometimes the affect that the person writing it isn't experiencing teen life right now really shines through. I used to be totally against reading fanfictions and wattpad because I thought they were 'not real books', but honestly, some of my favourite books are on wattpad (i'm an addict) and some of them are so much more relateable, realistic and enjoyable than 'published' YA books (though some books on wattpad can be completely crazy sometimes). Give wattpad a shot! and if you need some recommendations to get you started, let me know!

24th Sep, 18