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Poem+review (ICE WOLVES)

A Poem inspired by the Ice Wolves: Elementals Book 1

Wolves, dragons and all the creatures unknown,
Fire breath & ice spears glinting through a world torn apart,
Stories spread through a million words,
Yet the truth shall remain hidden
Dancing in its true form underneath the cloak of  liars,
Denial slaps the face of the young, the peacemakers of tomorrow,Image result for ice wolves
And the shadows grow,
Ice fire.

Fiery red of the lava,
Friendship grown through flicks of tails,
While the wolves growl,
Halting and laughing through their academy,
Bred to be taught lies,
Shown the path of hatred,
Yet one shall break free,
Vanishing into the unknown world where
Sisterly love draws dragons,
Sculpts his heart into sectors of friendship and lives of love,
Yet the story shall not end
Shall grow a thousand time, unbecoming endings joining a novel of time.

Our wolf shall thrive yet abandon
Yearn yet leave
In search of past memories
For false truths shall not abandon the mind
A plague of its own kind, spreading through the vanishing brain cells
A dragon’s lair, footfalls away from their enemies
But their hearts shall melt under magma
And time shall freeze over ice spears
A battle won, yet a war raging for centuries
Ice fire


This book was a unique read, especially for those interested in fantasy or dystopian fiction. It starts like many other books in this genre, with two orphans finding out they are something more. I enjoyed the themes of this book, including friendship, romance and loyalty. However, I would have enjoyed it more if the story was told from a dual perspective. This is particularly because the two main characters are in different cities for most of the novel, and we are only able to hear the story of one. If both characters tell their story, we as readers will be encouraged to make up our own mind about this imaginary world.

I was easily able to predict the ending. Moreover, I was not satisfied since the book didn’t have any plot twists and finished exactly as I expected. Perhaps the next book in the series will be more interesting.

Rating: 6/10

Description: Good setting, but no plot twists

Tell me your thoughts on the poem and book!!


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inky State Library Victoria

Brilliant poem!

15th May, 19