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Whisper by Lynette Noni

Whisper is about a girl referred to as subject six-eight-four who is locked in a government facility called Lengard because she is a speaker- someone who can speak things into existence. This gift is a side effect of a banned drug/medication, and is considered highly dangerous if not controlled properly. Six-eight-four (or ‘Jane’) refuses to speak at all in fear of her power, and so is badly mistreated. However, after two and a half years of this, the leaders of Lengard try a new, more effective way to get her to speak, and soon ‘Jane’ realises that there is a lot more going on at Lengard than she realised…

Keeda is a rebel agent?!

Who to ship? Ward/Alyssa or Kael/Alyssa? Or neither?

I would recommend this book to any reader, of pretty much any age (maybe don’t let young children of age less than 10 read it) who enjoys heroes with awesome powers, fantasy and uncovering secret plots.

My rating: 8.75/10.





Whisper was pretty cool! ~~Time to hoard all my prescriptions~~

1st Jun, 19

I loved this book!

9th Feb, 20

I ship both haha

9th Feb, 20