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Why I loved and hated White Night at the same time ???

Why I loved and hated White Night at the same time

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  • ? Really interesting plot line. I especially loved the plot reveals!
  • ? I wasn’t able to relate to Rory’s village- it was kinda boring and -dare I say- cringey
  • ?…but it was a consistent idea, so it seemed potentially realistic
  • ? A bit too much foreshadowing, the chapter about the history of White Night revealed the ending
  • ?…but the ending was still fabulous! Plot twist within plot twist…totally didn’t see that coming!!!
  • ? Wow, I’m already finding it hard to see negatives!
  • ? The front cover was really cool, with the frazzled lights
  • ?…but the title may have been a bit misleading. They only began planning White Night in the second half of the book.
  • ?The author got straight into the plot! The main characters met up in the second chapter and I totally SHIPPED THEM!!!
  • ? Okay, the stuff about Garden of Eden was totally cringey. Be ready to be introduced to a bizarre way of living.


  • Image result for good book memeImage result for cringe meme
  • ?I loved how the protagonist also thought Rory’s village was bizarre. It meant that you could really connect with him, and that you didn’t spend the whole book cringing by yourself.
  • ? Now it’s really really hard to find negatives
  • ?Really good character development. Especially loved the ‘inner circle.’
  • ? There was a few scenes where I wanted the character to do something,
  • (like go to his girlfriend because we knew she was being murdered!)
  • ? However, though what he actually did was bad for him, it was very realistic!
  • ? Perfect book for rural and city dwellers alike. Especially perfect for anyone interested in the environment, climate change, footy and cooking-so pretty much all teens!!!


????Overall, I loved this book! It was really cringey in some bits, and may have had too much foreshadowing, but also had good plot reveals and a relatable protagonist. Definitely thought-provoking since I’m interested in climate change. ????

Rating: 8.5/10

Description: Good plot reveals, thought-provoking

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inky State Library Victoria

Excellent review, excellent use of memes!

20th May, 19


20th May, 19

I saw someone reading this on the bus this morning! It sounds really interesting, I'll check it out. (Literally! Hilarious, right?)

20th May, 19

Haha! That was corny, but a-maize-ing!!

20th May, 19