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Why your next read should be The Poet X

Maybe just your new fav. book: The Poet X


A book with no paragraphs

No chapters, no cliché rules

Slam poems gracing every page

A stream of thoughts from a protagonist

Whose life is upturned, cracked through the center

Maybe just like yours.


They say the world is your oyster

The cloudless sky your limit

But to me, it seems the grass is greener on the other side

To get there takes fruitless hours

Where barriers must be broken, obstacles crushed

Just like this story

Of a teen trying to find a grip

Related image

On expectations, on friends, on crushes, on bullies

On life

Maybe just like your story.


A cross between two dimensions

Don’t mistake me, both are on this planet, very real,

It’s a mix between races, cultures, people

Spanish words, sentences, paragraphs flourish

Upon the pages of this YA read.

You don’t have to be Spanish,

Or insecure or confident or a ‘good reader’

(Because we are all good readers in our own way)

Just hopeful.

Since hope is the very foundation of this book,

A yearn for something more

To cross boundaries, defy rules


Maybe just like your yours.


Why should I read slam poems? Why can’t I read a ‘normal’ book?

, you may ask me.

I have just one answer-

You don’t know what you’re missing.

There’s love and loss and hope and grief

And romance and vivid descriptions

And character development and music

All wrapped with a few hundred pages.

It’s a book to make you fall in love with slam poetry

I definitely did.

Maybe just like you will too.


Rating: 11/10 (Is that possible? I feel like it was that good ?)

Description: Bound to make you fall in love with Slam Poetry


Definitely should be your next read!